Re-Imagining Loyalty

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Release 023 / Oct-2018

The Design Challenge

#1. Understanding Eve
(2 minutes)

A portrait of the new digital citizen, her needs and aspirations, and the challenge and opportunity she represents

The Solution Outline

#2. Re-imagining Loyalty
(3 minutes)

An exploration of what Eve expects from the organizations she engages with, and why it is time to re-imagine Loyalty

The Headline Experience

#3. Stating the Direction
(1 minute)

A quick summary of how the world will feel to Eve, and the sort of engagements she will seek in the new connected world

The Detailed Journey

#4. Telling the Story
(12 minutes)

A day in the life of Eve, mocking up the experience, in a simplistic look-and-feel (access support documents here)


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