Dubai turns Bright Yellow

Looking forward to a major public launch

We are excited to be in consideration for this year's Global Blockchain Challenge taking place in Dubai in April 2019

This video was part of Bright Yellow Circle's response to the challenge.  It introduces the power and value of our DNA Hub

Dubai leads the world in the adoption of digital identity, making it the perfect place to bring our innovation to a wider market

The DNA Hub allows digital citizens to 'connect in a single click' (their identity, their wallet) for richer dialogue with trusted brands

We are building a smarter future, especially for our children, to give every citizen transparency, and CONTROL, of who can access their personal data - and what they expect in return

Our goal is to empower the mass market consumer, so we have selected GRAVTY (the fast-growing loyalty platform) as an initial partner, to re-define how brands and consumers 'stick together'

The video only briefly explores the wider scope of the DNA Hub (where brand connections go way deeper than loyalty programs and mobile apps)... but we hope you glimpse the excitement.

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