Bright Yellow Ventures

We initiate, incubate and accelerate innovative business ideas.

These may be early stage concepts, developed for and with brilliant partners.

We bring disruptive ideas to market... the CIRCLE methodology in action!

#1. Re-imagining Loyalty

Uniting blockchain identity, currency and community

We are bringing to market the 'DNA Hub', a fresh perspective on enterprise loyalty programs, leveraging blockchain, working with the best minds in the tech industry.  A big idea whose time has come.

#2. Re-imagining Access

Unlocking smarter homes and smarter lifestyles

We are exploring a much-needed breakthrough in personal security, leveraging blockchain identity, plus smart home and smart payment platforms.  A head-turning innovation.

#3. Re-imagining Identity

Connecting humanity on a smarter internet of things

We are collaborating on wearable, implantable and ingestible identity management solutions, to change how personal data is secured and shared.  The social impact will be far-reaching.

Innovating By Design

More ventures, more creativity, more to come

We shall continue to identify and support breakthrough ideas and the teams behind them, wherever disruptive technologies can be leveraged to transform customer experience.

If you want to learn more about what we can do, together... please get in touch today.


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