Fuel the desire


We deliver inspirational presentations, tailor-made to your event and your goals.  Building on our human-centred design principles (and extensive years of experience and success on the international stage) we offer

  • industry conference keynotes

  • corporate kick-offs and events

These injections of passion and insight will typically last from 30 minutes to two hours, bringing your specific mission or challenge to life, leaving your audience informed and energized.  Just see what others say.

Grasp the value


We love to build on the inspiration.  We work with you to bring a specific opportunity or challenge to life (a customer journey, an employee frustration, a stakeholder desire) using simple and proven design tools such as

  • persona 'DNA' ® analysis

  • outside-in journey mapping

Our facilitated workshops (typically lasting from half-a-day to two days, for teams of 6 to 60) are hugely entertaining as well as informative, arming you with fresh insight AND powerful design tools you can use.

Develop the muscle


We are in this to make change happen.  We come alongside you to make  innovation a reality in your organization.  We can blend into your existing teams and initiatives, or we can kick-start a new perspective on

  • your strategy and people

  • your processes and technology

In all cases, our goal is to make innovation 'everybody's business' and to share the power of human-centred design, aligning with your priorities and processes (and equipping you with our CIRCLE ® methodology where helpful).

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